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About The Authors of
Black Man's Grave: Letters From Sierra Leone

GARY STEWART has written over 50 articles and reviews on Africa for such publishers as the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, West Africa, Option, The Beat, Folk Roots, Take Cover, and New African. He is the author of Rumba on the River (Verso, 2000) and Breakout: Profiles in African Rhythm (University of Chicago Press, 1992). He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Fadugu from 1968 to 1970. Click HERE to view Gary Stewart's author page at Amazon.com. Click HERE to visit Stewart's new web site for his book Rumba on the River.

JOHN AMMAN writes about the American labor movement and is a co-editor of Surviving the New Economy (Paradigm, in press) and a contributor to Under the Stars: Essays on Labor Relations in Arts and Entertainment (ILR Press, 1996). He has lectured at Cornell University and is currently a business representative for International Cinematographers IATSE Local 600 in New York. He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Fadugu from 1979 to 1982.